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Make sure you're all set!

Awesome, so you've upgraded to the new ListBaby! We hope you enjoy the new features we have to offer!

Upgrading to the new ListBaby, however, doesn't connect to your website automatically. Don't worry though - it's super easy to make sure your site is well connected with the new ListBaby.

Wizard (legacy) Users

To clarify, you're a Wizard user if your site builder is accessible via or

If you fall into this category, you're going to want to republish your site shortly after upgrading to the new ListBaby. Doing so should connect your signup form to the new ListBaby.

It's generally a good idea to test it out as well - enter in your personal Email to be sure the form is working properly!

ATS Users

If you're a new HostBaby customer (2011), or if you go to to edit your site -- then you're an ATS user.

You can't republish your site with the new Site Builder, so you have one of two options to be sure you're connected to the new ListBaby.

  1. Remove then re-insert the Listbaby Signup Widget.
  2. Make use of the HTML signup form the new ListBaby supplies, and insert it in a Code Snippet Widget

Developer Account

If you don't make use of our site builder, but host with us, you're likely using a Developer Account.

In the previous version of ListBaby, you needed to insert a PHP include we provided to set up the signup form on your site.

You'll want to remove that PHP include from your site, as that will not connect to the new ListBaby.

Instead, you'll want to make use of the HTML signup form you can make with the new ListBaby interface.

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